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Do you need to find out what people are doing on your computer? Is your child or someone you know using your PC inappropriately? Would you feel better to know what your children are doing on the internet? Do you suspect your employees of doing anything else but working on their office computers? It is sometimes hard to keep up with technology and with the ways the Internet is used. But it isn't hard if you use Spytector. Here is the right place for you, Spytector is the perfect monitoring solution for anyone that needs this information quickly.

Spytector is an invisible easy-to-use remote surveillance tool that records every keystroke to an encrypted log file - while staying completely stealth to users! Spytector will let you know what was typed (login passwords and usernames, Internet browsing, emails, chat conversations etc.), in which application/window and who typed it. In addition to the monitoring options, Spytector features a unique undetectable installation and is hard to be spotted even by savvy users.

Spytector, also known as Ghost Keylogger, is a professional monitoring software that is highly concealed. During monitoring sessions Spytector is invisible and cannot be seen or easily detected by any user! With Spytector running all information will be captured on your PC and recorded in complete stealth mode. This means no worrying about someone discovering the keylogger running during monitoring sessions! Have you bought similar products that keep being detected and wasted precious time trying to make them work? If so, Spytector is the spy software you need.

Spytector keystroke logger is cloaking itself in system, being run inside operating system services. The keylogger cannot be seen in the Task Manager, Add/Remove Programs Menu, Start Menu, Taskbar and is able to bypass the protections implemented in new Windows systems (UAC - User Account Control). That means you don't have to make any modification to your system to allow the spy software.

What separates Spytector key logger from the many others (free or paid keyloggers) offered on the internet? What makes Spytector stand out from the competition? It's the undetectability - the developers' commitment to build undetectable versions on a daily basis! While the other keyloggers on the market are updated monthly (or less often) and the same build is shared by a lot of users, we build Spytectors almost daily. Each Spytector build is shared only by a very few users and due to that the probability of detection is kept as low as possible. Yes, that implies more work for us but we stand behind our claim of delivering the most hidden keylogger in the world. Many of the monitoring programs available on the market are detected and the ones claimed to be undetected are updated monthly or even less often...

We're fully confident Spytector is the computer monitoring program you're looking for. Spytector key logger is the best monitoring software you can buy on the Internet and we guarantee it's undetected when scanned with the following antivirus programs: Norton AV, Kaspersky AV, Malwarebytes, McAfee, AVG, Avast, Panda, TrendMicro. While the *full* version is undetected, the *trial* version (publicly available on our website's download section) is detected by all the AV programs so you should temporarily disable your AV for proper testing.

Spytector is fully compatible with all the Windows operating systems versions in use (i.e. Windows 2k, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11) and works on both 32bit and 64bit.

Spytector is a Windows native application and doesn't need any dependency, it works perfectly without any .NET Framework installed! Spytector is a keylogger that professionals use, not a bloated .NET application!

Spytector Features


  • keystrokes
  • passwords
  • websites
  • both sides of chat
  • applications
  • keylogging filter (only specific websites/windows are tracked)
  • clipboard monitoring
  • boot events

Interface (GUI) options

  • built-in Log Viewer
  • option to save the settings
  • the logs can be saved as RTF and HTML files
  • multi-language interface (GUI)
  • editable "module" name, log name, log size
  • most of the monitoring features can be set on the main Spytector program
  • local logfile retrieving

Keylogger options

  • remote keylogger
  • FTP and Email log delivery
  • option to find the users and passwords stored in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi etc.
  • option to include URL history in the log
  • the logs can be received at specified minutes interval, at specified size, or on a daily basis
  • fully compatible with all Windows systems in use (Windows 2k, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11)
  • fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • buit-in icons
  • editable "module" name, log name, log size
  • smart keylogging (BACKSPACE is applied)
  • melting option
  • warning pop-up at the 1st run
  • option to uninstall the monitoring module after some logs are sent
  • hotkey uninstall
  • remote uninstall (by checking a web address)
  • delayed execution


  • undetectable monitoring software
  • professional firewall bypass techniques (it's not detected by many local firewalls)
  • stealth reports delivery (by email and/or FTP)
  • encrypted local log files
  • optional encryption for delivered logs
  • encrypted settings
  • over-writing protection
  • password protected configuration
  • uninstall protection
  • websites restriction
  • applications restriction

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Spytector News

Spytector Offering Discounts to Different Organizations to Prevent Fraud

Spytector, the leader in the computer monitoring software and keylogging industry, is offering a 50% discount to government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

The relevance of this to government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations is that buying this discounted software will make them much better equipped to protect themselves from potential fraudulent activities that may take place under their watch. Fraud, especially financially, has become a serious issue within all three of these sectors.

Higher education institutions in the United States have faced over $50 million worth of fraudulent activities in the past six months alone. Government agencies deal with hundreds of millions and sometimes even billions of dollars worth of fraud each year, although it is usually not tied directly to a governmental employee. Non-profit organizations actually have an even higher rate of financial fraud than private businesses or government agencies. The bottom line... fraud is an issue that needs to be heavily watched over in order to prevent it.

Having surveillance software gives these organizations the ability to do multiple things in order to ensure that they can fully protect themselves from potential fraudulent activities. Let's take a look at some of them below:

Showing Visited Websites

Spytector keystroke logger gives the administrator the ability to see the visited websites without ever having to worry about whether the user knows about it. While this will probably not be useful information directly, it can be essential in confirming the possibility of fraudulent activities.


Keylogger software also gives administrators the ability to get username and passwords for an individual's chat and email accounts. This will allow them to check on any potential discussions that have been made as well as any interaction they have had with potential conspirators.

Many people may feel that it is morally wrong to check on the private messages of an individual while they're at work. On the other hand, however, the perspective could be made that it is immoral for an individual to talk about non-work-related issues while in the work environment. The door certainly swings both ways in this instance.

Target Specific Websites and Applications

Spytector's software allows users to filter out and target specific websites and applications. This allows administrators to easily sort through the specific areas that have the most potential to be used for fraudulent purposes. Admins can target specific chats, email systems, or websites to be sure that no forms of deceit are taking place throughout their organization.


Fraud has the ability to force an institution or organization to crumble at its core. Preventing it from ever happening can easily be done with Spytector's monitoring and keylogger software. Spytector has made a commitment to the organizations and institutions that help build and stabilize our world by offering a 50% discount to them for their services. Eligible entities can take advantage of this offer by contacting us and requesting the "organization rate".