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The customers interested in purchasing Spytector should test our trial version available on the this page. Prior your purchase, you're strongly encouraged to use the trial version and evaluate the keylogger functionality and make sure it is the software you're looking for.

The trial version of Spytector is offered as two different packages: Standalone/Portable and Install/Setup-Kit. The setup-kit version will create shortcuts for Desktop, Start Menu, Add/Remove Programs etc. and the account performing the installation will need administrative privileges. The portable/standalone version of Spytector will work from wherever it's placed. However, both the standalone and setup-kit versions include the same software features.

The free trial version of our Spytector keylogger is fully functional, but it'll be automatically uninstalled after 3 logs are sent/received. Also, in the free version, whenever the keylogger is run a warning message pops up and the user must click YES to agree to install the keylogger (in the full version the warning can be completely removed and the keylogger is installing silently).

You are able to evaluate the keylogger functionality for 7 days before making a purchase decision.

The fully functional trial version of Spytector is available by request only. After you fill out the form below you will get access to the software.

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Customer quotes

Thanks so much for the help! I've been emailing with your tech guy and after getting an email from him about the problem, I tried the download again and it worked like a champ! You really have first rate customer service and I very much appreciate it! All looks good now..... Hope you have a fine weekend and thanks again for the help!
Tom, USA

Just ordered Spytector with lifetime support. I would like to send you a big thank for your great software and the excellent customer support you gave me so far.
Chris, Hungary

Sir, it worked after sending it through yahoo, I am now 100% satisfied with this product. I thank you very much for your help. I will recommend this program to whomever inquires about such a program.
Justin, UK

Thank you guys so much for help and support! 6 star product and workers! I will recommend this to all my friends :)
Tommy, Norway

I would like at first to thank you for your support and for your software; I have tried many keyloggers and I found out that the only reliable one is Spytector. At the time of the purchase I selected the option with 1 month of support. Is there a way actually to extend the support time period through your website by providing additional payment?
Kamal, Lebanon